In any community EDUCATIONHEALTH and INCOME are the building blocks for opportunity - individually and collectively. Education is essential to getting and keeping a job with a wage that can sustain a family and has health benefits. Good health helps children stay on track at school and adults to be productive at work. A stable income that can cover today and save for tomorrow builds a family's solid foundation. Remove any of these building blocks and the other two topple. Build them up and you have a cornerstone for individual and community prosperity.

Thus, COMMUNITY IMPACT is the focus at United Way of McPherson County. Working strategically with others we identify needs, focus on underlying causes and find lasting solutions. Our work involves human service organizations, teachers, law enforcement, industries, faith groups, bankers, volunteers and many more. We participate in community conversations while focusing on the needs and aspirations of our fellow residents. TOGETHER we find the answers.


All funds raised during the annual campaign remain in the community and are distributed to United Way partner agencies to support programs addressing priority areas throughout McPherson County. Additional community impact projects include Free Prescription Discount Cards, Summer Lunch Programs (Lindsborg, Marquette & McPherson), Milestones Ahead Reading Initiative, Preschool Scholarships, "Show You Care - VOLUNTEER" Reading Initiative, "Show You Care - BE KIND" Reading Initiative, "Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive and the 2-1-1 Assistance Hotline.


Conversations and intensive listening are the best ways to understand the real problems and move beyond short-term solutions. We recruit people with passion, expertise and resources to implement strategies and approaches to create lasting change. By voicing opinions and concerns, individuals propel the community forward with positive results.


We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to help community members understand, experience and feel connected to the work of United Way. Volunteers who are meaningfully engaged stay involved longer, donate more and recruit others to do the same.


Change can only be accomplished through broad community participation and collaboration. Working together we make a larger impact on the issues at hand.



Community Impact

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